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Our Purpose

Scout’s mission is to enhance the health of people.

Core Values

Our Behaviors

These four statements serve as the North Star on our path to success through unmatched service.

My actions mirror my words.

I am honest and ethical in all professional dealings. I seek to build relationships founded on respect, reliability, trust, and hard work. I value receiving and providing constructive feedback. I am appreciated and trusted by my clients, colleagues, and company.

I make others look good.

I take great pride in providing relentless customer service and exceeding expectations. I anticipate and seek to meet the expressed and unexpressed needs of my clients and colleagues. I continuously seek improvement.

I take ownership.

I am empowered and supported to take the best course of action. I believe there is a solution to every challenge. I have numerous resources available at my disposal. I take personal responsibility in all situations.

I love what I do.

I enjoy and derive satisfaction from my work. I reflect a positive attitude and am supportive of my colleagues. I am approachable, pleasant, and foster camaraderie. I meet every challenge with enthusiasm and deliver it with a positive attitude.


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