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Scout Meetings

Why should you consider meeting planning services by Scout Meetings?
What has changed now that Meeting Protocol is Scout?
What kinds of meetings does Scout plan?
What benefits do virtual meetings by Scout offer to sponsors and CROs?
What benefits can sites expect from virtual meetings by Scout?
How do I know the virtual meeting platform will meet my needs?
What does the "No request is too big or too small" motto mean?

Scout Academy

What is Scout Academy, anyway?
How can you use Scout Academy?
Why should you use Scout Academy?
What type of reporting and billing does Scout Academy provide?
How can I use Scout Academy with Scout Meetings and Scout Clinical?
What is Scout Academy for Meetings?


What Patient Facing Documentation (PFDs) can Scout provide?
What Site Facing Documentation (SFDs) can Scout provide?
What Informed Consent Form (ICF) support does Scout provide?
How is HIPAA compliance managed by Scout and our vendors?
How is HIPAA compliance managed within Scout?
How is a patient's personally identifiable information kept separate from any study protocol-related information?

Scout Clinical

Expense Management

What expense management services does Scout provide?
What are stipend payments?
What does reimbursement entail?
What is a per diem?
How do patient payments work, and what payment options are available?
Does Scout provide patient expense receipts to the Sponsor/CRO for review?

Patient Services

What ground transportation services does Scout provide?
What long distance travel services does Scout provide?
What types of accommodation does Scout offer?
Does Scout offer assistance with long-term housing?
Can Scout assist with special circumstances like remote locations and international relocation?
Does Scout offer coverage coordination for patient and caregiver insurance needs?
Can Scout assist with cross-border enrollment and international travel?
Does Scout manage document translation?

Special Assistance

What kind of special assistance is available through Scout Clinical?
What are Patient Liaison services?
What are Patient Navigator services?

Scout Portal

What is the Scout Portal?
How is the Scout Portal used?