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Ensure Patient Safety and Rights

Maintain Clinical Trial Data Integrity

Streamline Regulatory Submissions

Global Clinical Trial Compliance

Scout’s expertise in international regulatory compliancefacilitates compliant studies that generate high-quality data.

Life Sciences Meetings

We're committed to staying ahead of the global regulatory environment, aligning our meeting planning with local guidelines and reporting requirements.

Innovating Integration

We pioneered the integration of our proprietary strategic meeting management system with financial systems, facilitating comprehensive reporting on all transfer of value to HCPs. 

Ensuring Compliance

Our expert compliance team ensures that budgets and transfers of value meet all relevant regulations, from the FDA to local, state, and country-specific requirements.

Maximizing Value

We specialize in delivering fully compliant, premium meetings at excellent venues within your budget 



Clinical Trial Patient Services

Scout's dedication to clinical trial data privacy is reflected in our unparalleled standards and service.

Collaborative Regulatory Preparation

We partner with your local team to prepare compliant Informed Consent Forms and other patient-facing documentation.

Software/Systems/ Personnel Workflows

Our software, workflows, policies, and procedures adhere to GCP, HIPAA, GDPR, French MR-001, and other critical clinical trial data privacy regulations, ensuring an environment of knowledge, safety, and compliance. 

Patient Confidentiality in Transactions & Reporting

Our proprietary system, built on the principles of Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default, delivers fully transparent, transaction-level monthly reports. 

Online Education & Collaboration

Scout takes international regulatory compliance seriously, ensuring a safe and secure learning environment.

Regulatory Adherence

We adhere to the stringent requirements of GDPR and other country-specific data privacy laws to provide consistent, role-based training at an international level.

Compliant Global Training

We provide compliant global training with content available in both written and oral translations, creating an inclusive and accessible learning experience. 

Auditable Compliance Trail

Our system provides a complete, transparent record of certifications and documentation, ensuring accountability for compliance purposes.


Clinical Trial Compliance for Meetings, Patient Services & Training

Scout has you covered. You can trust the integrity of the data we collect and track for your study.

  • Sunshine Act – PhRMA Codes  
  • Anti-Bribery Acts – FCPA  
  • German FSA Code of Conduct  
  • GDPR 
  • Belgian Mdeon Code of Ethics 
  • ABPI
  • Sponsor Guidelines 
  • French MR-001  
  • French CNOM 

Global Capabilities

With operations in 109 countries around the world, Scout upholds clinical trial data privacy through unparalleled standards and service. We partner with your local team to prepare compliant Informed Consent Forms and other patient-facing documentation.

We Work Where You Do

We’ve planned meetings, moved patients, made payments, and developed online platforms for studies in more than 100 countries. Wherever your research takes you, Scout’s experts can help you keep your study compliant anywhere in the world. If you have a question about operating in specific countries, let us know!