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Our Company History

Follow our journey from humble beginnings to global life sciences expertise.


From the Ranch to the Research Industry

In the late 1980s, after raising 3 children on a cattle ranch in a small Texas town, Patricia "Pat" Bingham joined a Dallas-based company who primarily organized incentive trips around major sporting events like the Masters, the Super Bowl, and the Olympics. By the mid 1990s, her passion and focus had shifted to Investigators' Meetings in the life sciences industry. 

Adversity struck when Pat's husband, Lewis, was diagnosed with cancer. Despite resigning from her position to be at home with him, Pat continued her work independently, which provided her with financial stability and a sense of purpose. 

In late 1995, Pat founded Meeting Protocol from her home. Within months, she successfully executed her first meeting at the Four Seasons Hotel in Newport Beach. The flourishing business became a family affair as Pat's children joined her one by one. By 2000, Meeting Protocol had grown into a global operation, prompting a name change to Meeting Protocol Worldwide. 


Forging a New Path as Scout

The company chose to rebrand as Scout in 2024. This decision, born out of our commitment to embody the values of agility, resourcefulness, and relentless pursuit of excellence, signifies our unwavering dedication to innovate while remaining patient-centric.  

With a unified brand identity, we are better positioned to expertly navigate the complexities of today's dynamic life sciences landscape and deliver tailored services to our clients. As Scout, we continue our desire to empower and support our partners in their quest for better health outcomes. 


From Meeting Protocol to Scout

Our History: From 1995 to Now


Pat Bingham founds Meeting Protocol from a spare bedroom in her home.

Driven by a vision to revolutionize the life sciences industry, Pat Bingham establishes Meeting Protocol from a spare bedroom in her home. Her mission: to deliver people-first solutions with unrivaled customer service.


Meeting Protocol executes first EU meeting.

We expand our horizons, executing our first meeting in the European Union. This milestone marks the beginning of our global footprint.

The London office is opened.

Our growth continues as we establish our London office, further solidifying our presence in Europe and underscoring our commitment to serving clients globally.

Meeting Protocol is renamed Meeting Protocol Worldwide.

Recognizing the global nature of our work, Meeting Protocol is aptly renamed Meeting Protocol Worldwide, reflecting our growing international presence and expertise.

First APAC meeting executed.

Our first Asia-Pacific meeting is executed, marking another significant step in our ongoing global expansion.

First LatAm meeting executed.

We extend our services to Latin America, executing our first meeting in the region. Our ability to navigate diverse cultural and regulatory landscapes further showcases our adaptability and global reach.


Scout Clinical founded.

We launch Scout Clinical, adding patient payment, travel, and logistics support to our ever-expanding portfolio of services. Our commitment to patient-centric solutions is further strengthened.


Atlas Clinical Academy founded.

Atlas Clinical Academy is founded, providing virtual collaboration and education, underscoring our dedication to continuous learning and innovation.


Pat Bingham retires. Paige Bingham named CEO.

A pivotal moment in our history as our founder, Pat Bingham, retires. Paige Bingham assumes the role of CEO, continuing the legacy of driving clinical studies forward with exceptional service and unparalleled global expertise. 


Meeting Protocol Worldwide officially rebrands as Scout.

As we continue to evolve, Meeting Protocol Worldwide officially rebrands as Scout. This new identity embodies our commitment to making the complex easier for our clients, with white-glove attention to detail and a customizable, comprehensive range of services.

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