Optimizing Rare Disease Clinical Trials Through Patient Experience

Why Collaboration with the Rare Disease Community is Vital to Today’s Research

Improve Study Success & Patient Experience

Leverage the Power of Partnership in Your Next Trial

Clinical trials are pivotal in advancing medical research and developing treatments for rare diseases. However, an alarming 80% of trials fail to conclude on schedule, creating significant hurdles for affected patients and communities.  

With an emphasis on clinical transparency, collaboration, and data privacy, our webinar provides a unique opportunity to better understand and address the challenges inherent in rare disease clinical trials to drive innovation and improve lives. 


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Industry Expert Panelists

Pam-Cusick-150Pam Cusick
SVP, Rare Patient Voice 
Monica-150Monica Dudley-Weldon
Founder, SYNGAP1 Foundation  
Kimberlee_Heidmann-150KimberLee Heidmann
EVP of Patient Experience and Customer Success, Scout  
Moderated by Kuno van der Post
Chief Revenue Officer, Scout 


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Rare Disease Research Insights

This discussion covers topics including: 

  • Challenges to rare disease trial success 
  • Effects on rare disease patients, families and caregivers 
  • The importance of patient experience (and how to enhance it) 
  • Partnering with rare disease communities and advocacy groups