Clinical Research Without Borders

Why Real Global Capability Matters in Today’s Clinical Trials

Global clinical trials are pivotal to driving innovations that could transform healthcare worldwide. For patients around the world, these trials symbolize hope—a chance to access groundbreaking treatments that could change their lives. 

In this webinar, we're zeroing in on expert strategies for navigating the complexities of global clinical trials. Drawing from a wealth of experience, we share insights and practical tips on how to streamline these trials, overcome common obstacles, and enhance the success rate of your research endeavors. 

Join us to sharpen your skills and ensure your global clinical trials are conducted with precision, efficiency, and a clear focus on success. 

Learn from Our Expert Panelists

Expect a session packed with actionable advice, designed to empower trial sponsors and researchers with the tools for success in the international arena.

Get the guidance you need to elevate your global clinical trials from our panelists: 
Afshawn-Chakamian-150Afshawn Chakamian
Director, Program Management, Avidity Biosciences 
KimberLee Heidmann
EVP, Patient Experience and Customer Success, Scout 
Amy-Raymond-150Amy Raymond, PhD, PMP
Executive Director, Therapeutic Strategy Lead, Cellular and Genetic Medicines, Worldwide Clinical Trials 
Scott-Schliebner-150Scott Schliebner
Vice President and Global Head, Drug Development Consulting, Novotech 



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