Regulatory Support

We play within the rules while thinking outside the box

Scout Clinical is fully compliant with all data privacy and other regulatory requirements in the countries we operate. At a minimum, these requirements are reviewed annually, and updates are incorporated into all documentation. We work closely with your local regulatory team to prepare Informed Consent Form language and other patient facing documentation that is compliant with all local requirements along with Independent Review Board and Ethic Committee preferences. Our goal is to make compliance with the wide array of data privacy obligations as simple as possible.

  • We currently work in over 100 countries and have performed country specific regulatory reviews to ensure our services are compliant with local requirements including data storage and privacy requirements.
  • Assistance with the IRB/EC process relating to patient services.
  • Review of existing ICF language and/or provision of country specific ICF language related to patient services.
  • All our staff are fully trained on GCP, HIPAA, GDPR and other data privacy regulations.
  • Our proprietary system was built on the principle of Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default, no patient personally identifiable information is shared with anyone that is not directly responsible for providing services to that patient. All data that is shared is clearly disclosed in ICF language.
  • We provide fully transparent, transaction level, customizable reporting on a monthly basis that maintains patient confidentiality.

If you have a question about specific services in specific countries, call us. We love talking about regulatory compliance.