Scout Clinical Patient Journey: Case Study #49

May 10, 2023

Preparation for international travel with an infant and medical equipment.

Scout helped arrange travel for an infant patient and their family to participate in a clinical trial outside of their home country, New Zealand.

Flying with an infant is no easy task in and of itself, but Scout worked to remove the added stress of flying with medical equipment across international borders. 

Scout directed them to all necessary forms required by the airline for completion by the relevant medical teams in both their home country and their country of final destination.

Scout also assisted with the submission of said forms to the airline within a tight timeframe, specifically, for next day travel.

Because of Scout’s guidance, the family was cleared to fly with all the essential items, proper documentation, and peace of mind. Additionally, they now had a foundation built on experience and correct paperwork for future travel.

The Keys to Success:

  • Knowledge and expertise of proper documentation for international travel with medical equipment
  • Flexibility to work within delicate time restraints
  • Caring and committed team of patient liaisons who understand the challenges of not only participating in a clinical trial, but, particularly, participating with an infant.