Scout Clinical Patient Journey: Case Study #46

Jan 12, 2023

Providing safe transportation to and from remote locations to make clinical trials accessible to patient populations who otherwise would not have access.

A mobility impaired patient living in a remote location was apprehensive about making connecting flights on their journey to a hospital in Sao Paulo. Scout Clinical transported the patient with 10 hours of transfer and then secured a direct flight to the hospital in Sao Paulo.  

Scout Clinical provided safe transportation to and from a rural location to the city to make the clinical trial accessible for the patient population in remote locations who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access the trial due to financial or logistical issues. The following steps ensured success for Scout’s remote patient: 

• Accessibility services for patients in remote locations for city studies 

• Collaboration with various travel services to create a plan that best fits patient needs 

• Customized travel itinerary services for patients to accommodate their unique situations and needs  

• Customized transportation services to accommodate the patient’s needs and study’s budget 

The Keys to Success:

• Flexibility to accommodate needs of patients in rural and urban areas 

• Constant communication with the sponsor, sites, and patients 

• Ability to provide customized services on a patient-by-patient, visit-by-visit basis