Scout Clinical Patient Journey: Case Study #45

Oct 04, 2022

Team collaboration after hours to correct next-day reservation error

The day before a patient was to stay at their scheduled hotel, one of Scout’s patient liaisons realized a separate vendor mistakenly booked an incorrect hotel. However, the mistake was caught after hours on a Sunday. The patient liaison was able to work with another team member to reach out to our vendor’s emergency number and the hotel and create a new itinerary for the patient. The following steps ensured smooth travel for the patient:

• Quick action after hours for time-sensitive accommodations 

• Collaborative group effort in conjunction with client to efficiently address top priorities  

• Constant communication with airlines, hotels, and vendors to ensure accurate planning 

• Provide live support from Scout team members 24 hours a day 

The Keys to Success:

• Flexibility to accommodate needs of patients at any time, day or night 

• Constant collaboration with Scout, sponsors, sites and patients 

• Ability to provide quality solutions to unexpected obstacles in a short amount of time