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Scout Clinical Patient Journey: Case Study #44

Apr 20, 2023

Easing Traveler Anxiety

A young adult patient traveling from Texas to Connecticut for a Rare Disease Study Screening was experiencing travel-related fear and anxiety. To ensure the safety and peace of mind for patients and caregivers with little to no prior flying experience, Scout was posed with a unique set of challenges. We implemented the following for successful visit completion: 

  • Beforehand explanation of the entire travel process to ensure the patient has informed and realistic expectations
  • Information and experience to service patients through each checkpoint and milestone on their journey 
  • Personal patient liaison communication with the patient to advise and answer all questions 
  • Adjust travel plans in case of weather complications or other obstacles 
  • Customized travel itinerary services for patients to accommodate their unique situations and needs 

Our understanding Scout staff reassured a nervous patient and gave them everything they needed to successfully follow through with the scheduled travel visit. The patient flew on a plane for the very first time and now loves flying with no more fears of traveling and continues participating in the study. 

The Keys to Success:

  • Ability to accommodate needs of nervous patients and caregivers for study visits 
  • Constant communication with Scout, sponsors, sites and patients
  • Flexibility to provide customized services on a patient-by-patient, visit-by-visit basis
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