Scout Clinical Patient Journey: Case Study #37

Aug 20, 2021

Provide alternative, long-term housing to a pregnant study patient during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To ensure the safety for a late-term pregnant patient and her unborn baby, Scout moved the patient along with her family to a rental property close to her treating institution. This ensured that the patient would be able to give birth at the treating institution to enable her newborn baby to participate in a rare-disease clinical trial.

The following procedures were implemented:

  • Locate housing within walking distance of the site
  • Arrange transport for patient and her family along with needed personal items for the duration of the study
  • Pre-payment of the rental housing on a weekly basis
  • Conduct weekly meetings with sponsor and CRO to update all parties and confirm quick turn-around times for     needed approvals
  • Remain in constant communication with the site and the patient to understand and fulfill their needs

The Keys to Success:

  • Quick action 
  • Leveraged local resources in city where treatment took place
  • Frequent communication with sponsor, CRO and site
  • 24-hour availability to patient and site