Scout Clinical Patient Journey: Case Study #26

Mar 03, 2022

Provide safe transport to and from local study visits during the COVID-19  pandemic in a country with considerable lock-down restrictions.

In order to decrease potential exposure to patients with pulmonary fibrosis, and protect the patients of this study to the greatest degree possible, Scout put the following procedures in place:

  • Clearly communicated to local partners the expectations for responsiveness to the specialized needs of our passengers
  • Reduced the number of drivers to a select few who would provide services to the patients on this study
  • Added advanced cleaning protocols and sanitization of the vehicles used for transportation
  • Educated the drivers on the symptoms of the patients’ disease process to increase awareness and sensitivity
  • Ensure patients and drivers have proper documentation in the event they were stopped during lockdown
  • The Keys to Success:
  • Leverage long-term strategic partnerships
  • Implement and continually monitor compliance with new protocols
  • Education of all parties involved; the sites, patients and drivers