Scout Clinical Patient Journey: Case Study #23

Dec 22, 2021

Organize accommodation and logistics services for patients with special needs.

Scout Clinical is providing accommodation and logistics services to a patient population with special needs. One patient is a minor traveling in a wheelchair with a caregiver. This patient is unable to fly; therefore, the patient and caregiver travel via train over a two day period to reach their study visit. Scout implements the following to secure the safety and ease for this patient and their caregiver:

  • Utilize trusted vendors to provide ADA hotel and transfer services for the patient on short notice
  • Remain flexible and available to fulfill travel needs with unique circumstances 
  • Ensure patients and caregivers are properly taken care of throughout their journey
  • Clearly communicate with sponsor and site to obtain appropriate approvals

The Keys to Success:

  • Effective communication
  • Trusted local resources
  • Understanding of individual patient needs on a trip-by-trip basis