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Scout Clinical Patient Journey: Case Study #2

Dec 03, 2020

How Scout Clinical supports protocol requirements and reduces the financial  burden for patients participating in a  diabetes study.

Develop a solution for patients involved in a diabetes mellitus study to both complete study visits and remain compliant with protocol dietary requirements while mitigating out-of-pocket expense. Scout Clinical implements the following:

  • Create patient-specific credit accounts within the Scout Clinical system
  • Provide sites with each patient account to be used to order online groceries on a weekly basis
  • Consistently manage the patient accounts to ensure accounting controls and transparent reporting
  • Flexible to update credit accounts based on the changing patient and study needs

The Keys to Success:

  • Commitment to problem-solving and innovative resolutions to support study needs
  • Global staff available to provide support to sites during online ordering
  • Transparent financial reporting and consistent accounting controls